Endtime People. That’s you. Me. Everybody. Christians and sinners are all Endtime People. Think about that…


God could’ve created us in the 1100’s or 1600’s instead of in today’s world. But He didn’t. He put us in the Endtime for a purpose. His purpose. He planned it that way.


Now it’s up to us to find out from Him what our purpose is – and to get busy with it.


Those of us who are Christians already know there’s a big field to harvest for the Kingdom. Simpler terms – God tells us to witness to the unsaved in the whole world about His Plan of Salvation thru the blood shed by His Son, Jesus Christ. “The World” is the field, you see.


Are you a Harvester?


If you are an Endtime Christian, then you’re a Harvester. Or should be.


“I can’t reach the whole world”, you say…Oh yes you can! You surely can. Why do I know that? Because God created you in the Endtime – when our technology permits us to get online and reach the whole world!


“Where would I start?” you say…Well, what about Facebook, for instance. “Facebook?” you say. Yes, Facebook. Hundreds of thousands of people are there and you can reach every one of them if you work at it. Not likely, but you see the point here. Next thing you’ll say is – “Well, what if I did get on Facebook and send a message to someone; what would I say?” What about something simple like “Your greatest days happen when you include Jesus in it.” (That’s just off the top of my head. (1) You’re sending a positive message about having a great day, but reminding them about Jesus. And it may just be somebody that needs reminding!) You can come up with different messages if you pray about it. The Lord will surely help you because you’re working for Him, after all…


I, Laura Lewis, want to remind you of one thing in particular about being an Endtime Person. It’s a privilege and an honor to be in this particular stage of time where God is about ready to make a major move, and you’re here to be part of it! Think about that! Wow, how awesome that God chooses you and me to participate in His Move.


My prayer right now as I’m writing this is, “God, thank you for creating me for whatever purpose you choose for me as an Endtime Person. I’m ready and willing to be what you need me to be and to do whatever it is you need me to do. God, today and every day that follows, I just want to draw closer to you; to walk with you in the cool of the day, and to talk with you. I want to read your Word over and over, because I would not want to reach Heaven and stand before you – not having read all of your Word that you placed here for us all to read. God, you know how grateful I am for every blessing you’ve ever given me! So grateful! If I could thank you for all the blessings you’ve given me even this far, I wouldn’t be able to speak to anybody else ever again, because for the rest of my life I’d just be saying with each breath, ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you…” over and over. Help me, God, thru daily living, to be the best I can be for you, in any and all situations that come hour by hour, big or small. I not only need your help, I want it to come from you. You’re The One! The God that created the entire Universe – loves me. Me. Laura. I’m so very blessed. Thank you, God, for who you are!”


Folks, I hope that when you read this little Blog about who you are…an Endtime Person, you’ll realize you need to be seeing your world from “different eyes” so to speak, from…..now…..on…..


God bless you, Endtime People!!!


Laura Lewis

 Lewis & Lewis Blog

           Every morning when Ray gets up he heads straight for his bicycle and rides off into the great beyond (Usually two or three miles does itJ). In years and months past it was the Gold Wing he headed for, but he finally passed that on to someone else. He said common sense told him he’d best swap eight-hundred pounds on two wheels for just fortyJ.

          I, on the other hand, “ease” into the morning with my special drink or something similar (You can find it on the Road Report page on this website under the title “How Many Hats Are YOU Wearing?”). I love taking it out back to our little gazebo (Can’t really call it that ‘cause so far all we have is the square of concreteJ) with the tree growing so rapidly right over it, sit in the morning sunshine at the little patio set and watch the family of squirrels, not to mention several different types of birds flying around getting their own breakfast.

          There’s just something about being “out there” in the middle of God’s creation which makes you “one” with Him…and them. Well, maybe just Him. I’ve tried talking to the squirrels, and once or twice it seemed like one was listening – the way he was cocking his head to one side – but probably he was just thinking that my chattering sure didn’t sound like hisJ.

          Animals do communicate, though. To each other. And sometimes to us. Really great how that happens. Communication. That’s the key, you know? The key to clarity. You can deal with something you know. You can’t deal with something you don’t know.

          You can communicate with just a look. Doesn't necessarily always take words. We all do it, all the time. You’re waiting in the check-out line at the supermarket and you wait, wait, wait. Somebody looks at you and they raise their eyebrows, like – “Can you believe how slow they are?” Communication. Goes on everywhere. You’re driving too slow down the street. Somebody honks. CommunicationJ. (And you communicate back, but they just don’t hear youJ or see youJ).

          And I just know you’re like me…You talk back to the TV, don’t you! Sure you do! J We all do that. Can’t help ourselves. We’re communicators.

          But…Do we communicate when it’s needed? Do we say the things we need to say – when they need to be said? Most of us don’t.

          Most important communication you can experience is Prayer. Capitalized word here. Communication with the greatest communicator of all. Just think of it! The One who SPOKE this universe into existence. Wow! Just to think that He listens to us!!! What a communication going on. Now you’re thinking, “But He doesn’t communicate back.” Yes He does! Maybe you just haven’t learned how to listen. Takes tuning in.

          Greatest communication ever. Try it. You’ll like it.

          After you read this, be aware of the next communication you give. Where will it be…

          See you next time a thought occurs...J

        Laura Lewis