"Setting the Gospel to Music"







By Laura Lewis

          Our family had a ministry in song and we traveled in a big bus on week ends to sing around the south. Then a car accident took the life of our young son, who was our drummer.

          When something like that happens, various situations that come up after that can be harder to cope with.

          After a period of recuperation, we became full-time in the ministry. One late night found us traveling from Waycross, GA headed to Houston, TX. We got as far as Mobile, AL, and all of a sudden found we had a serious problem...we didnít have any brakes! Thatís not good for a 38,000 pound Silver Eagle flying down the highway.

          We managed to get the bus into the parking lot of a big church were we sang once a year or so, but even though the parking lot was big, that bus was just not going to stop! We were all praying hard, and just about two feet from their brand new sanctuary, it finally came to a rest. Talk about a close call!

          We'd already had two or three pretty expensive repairs on the bus and were not prepared for another one. Normally we could meet stumbling blocks head on, but after Jody went to Heaven, things weren't "normal" anymore. Our emotional foundation was wounded and the leader of our group thought we should "hang it up." Amidst the despair, I began to pray. I said, "Lord, I know we can go on for you because you went on for us!" As I prayed those words, that "light bulb" came on that God uses with me when it's time for a song. As soon as I finished praying (I was the only one still awake and up), I started writing.

          Of course, the Lord did meet the financial need for us and we went on. I finished my song and sent it to my publisher. The Perrys heard it at a time in their lives when they unanimously were going home from a tour to quit!

          As their story goes, when they heard this song on their way home, they said, ďWe canít quit on the Lord! He didnít quit on us!Ē They recorded the song and sent it to radio and it was the #14 Gospel song in the nation.

          During these past few years I have heard tremendous testimonies from folks about how this song helped them keep going on. Maybe itíll help you, too. It has me.




Verse One


God promised no roses on the road to Gloryland

But the roses will come later when we shake that nail-scarred hand

So when things close in around you keep going on, don't give up

For where would we be if Jesus had said, "It's too much..."





Lord, I'll go on, 'cause You kept going for me

You walked all the way up Calvary

Though my troubles seem unbearable

Your pain was, too

But You kept going for me, Lord

So I'll go on for You.



Verse Two


If we'd been there instead of Jesus when the soldiers placed the crown

I wonder how much pain we'd bear before we'd call the angels down

Now when we start to throw our hands up, say "That's enough, we are thru!"

Remember Jesus raised His hands to be hung for me and you!



© Laura Lewis/Chestnut Mound Music/BMI

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