"Setting the Gospel to Music"







By Laura Colston Lewis/Trina Curtis

          In 1991 the doctors told Gene Malone from East Tennessee that he had cancer. Gene had been serving the Lord a long time. One day his friend and mine, Trina Curtis, a Church of God pastor’s wife, went by to pray for him. She said, “I’m praying for your healing, Gene.” He replied, “I knew you would." Trina said, "Either way, you're not gonna lose." He said, "Nope, I'm a winner either way!"

          Later Gene did go home to be with the Lord, and after that I was visiting with Trina one day. She told me what Gene had said about being a winner. I said, "Trina, there's a song in that!" She replied, "Well, write it!" I said, "No, you write it, it's your story." Though Trina had never written a song, she put a lot of thoughts on paper, and as she gave it to me she laughed and said, "This sounds like a Hallmark Card" J.

          As I looked it over, I thought, "What she needs is an outline to go by that will help her." So I sat down and started to put one together, and as soon as I put my pen to paper, the words just began to flow. Before I knew it, the song was written! It was a moment I'll never forget. I called Trina and told her what happened, and she was almost in tears because she was so ecstatic at how the Lord had moved so that the song could be completed.

          Several artists have recorded the song through the years, but it was not until 1998 when Mike Upright and Standing Tall sent it to radio that the song really began to minister to the masses. Now The Inspirations have recorded this song, sent it to radio, and it peaked on the national charts at #5, plus was voted by the Singing News Magazine as one of the most popular songs of 2006.

          Lewis & Lewis have received hundreds of testimonies of how the song has helped folks, and in talking with the above artists, they hear them all the time as well  We're in awe of how God has used this song to minister to thousands, and thankful He continues to do so.

          As it says in the second verse of the song, "None of us really know about tomorrow." How true. So, we must prepare today to go to Heaven, because we don't know when our time will come. When we give our heart to Jesus, then we don't have to worry about tomorrow. No matter what happens, we'll be a winner either way!

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Verse One


A loved one knew he neared the end of life's journey

But he'd been holding to God's hand a long, long time

As I knelt beside his bed my heart was blessed by what he said,

"If I go or if I stay, victory's mine."





I'm a winner either way

If I go or if I stay

Cause I'll still have Jesus with me

Each passing day

I'll have a healing here below

Or life forever if I go

Praise the Lord,

I'm a winner either way!



Verse Two


None of us really know about tomorrow

So we must prepare to go to Heaven any day

While we're here, just trust the Lord

He'll lead us there for our reward

By His grace, we'll be a winner either way!



Repeat Chorus



© Laura Lewis/Trina Curtis/Chestnut Mound Music/BMI

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