"Setting the Gospel to Music"







By Ray Lewis

          God said Hed never leave us or forsake us, and He brought that home to me several years ago in the middle of a Pity Party. Ever had one of those? (Never mind, dont answer that J).

         What an awful trial that was! It was so bad that I wish I could remember today what it was...

         Right in the middle of that Pity Party while I was singing, "Oh woe is me, poor me, why is this happening to good ol' me," God let a little chorus float through my mind that I used to sing when I was just a little child. I hadn't even thought of that song in half a century...it had never entered my mind in all that time. Never. But there it was, clear as a bell..."Never faileth, never faileth, Jesus never fails."

         "Wow!" I thought..."If God never fails" (I knew He didn't), "and if I belong to Him" (I knew I did), then the bottom line was, I said to myself, "I can't fail!"

         Destroyed my Pity Party.

         I left that party and wrote this song, and I hope you read every word of it so that you can get hold of the same message that God sent to me the day it was inspired...God can't fail, and if you belong to Him, you can't lose!

Watch this page...In the future there'll be a story posted here of how this song saved a man's life.






God's always done what he said he'd do

He said he'd always walk with you

You'll never go where he's never been

Thru the flame or the flood or the lion's den

He hung the moon the stars and the sun

Never fought a battle that he has not won

Never been a mountain that he could not move

And if God can't fail, you can't lose!



Verse One


Making your way down the road of life

You're gonna meet up with trouble and strife

You won't go far till you find sometimes

This straight and narrow is an uphill climb.



Repeat Chorus



Verse Two


Doing what you can, living like you should

Believing all things work together for good

You keep looking up while your ship goes down

You know you may get wet, but you won't drown!



Repeat Chorus



Verse Three


Sick and tired, in debt and broke

Your friends keep saying your life is a joke

But you don't give up and you won't give in

Cause you've already read how the story ends!



Repeat Chorus



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