"Setting the Gospel to Music"







By Laura Lewis

          One day my 8-1/2 year old son, Jody, and I were riding together. He started asking me questions about the devil.

          He said, “Mama, can you see the devil when he comes around bothering you?” Before I could answer good, he continued, “You know what I'd tell him if he came around to me?" I said, "No, what?" (His heroes were in baseball, Batman and Star Wars, etc., so I was expecting him to come up with a cute statement from one of those characters).

          He said, "I'd just tell him, 'Sorry, this heart's taken.'"

          I was so overwhelmed I had to tighten my hands on the steering wheel to keep the car straight on the road. Even as he made the statement, I knew God had given it to us for a song, because we all need statements like this one - as well as scriptures - to quote to the devil when we see him coming.

          Then, Jody went to Heaven in a car accident and I just couldn't write the song for a long time, but now it's a true story...finished...and I recorded it and even sent it to all the Gospel radio stations across the country.

          I hope Jody's statement will help you keep the devil away from your front door! It'll work...Just try it!




Verse One


The Sunday School lesson was about the devil that morning at Children's Church

And on the way home a little wide-eyed boy was telling Mama 'bout what he'd heard

"When the devil makes you do something you shouldn't, is he someone you can really see?"

Before she could reply, he said, "You know what I would tell him if he came around to me?"





I'd just say, "Sorry, this heart's taken

There's no room for anyone else but Jesus

Sorry, this heart's taken

No more room, sorry, this heart's taken..."



Verse Two


When the devil comes knockin' on your heart's door with an offer hard to refuse

Those four little words from one little lad will work for us big folks, too

The Lord will use a child to lead us, and Heaven applauded that day...

When they heard a little boy said, "Sorry devil, no place here to stay..."



Verse Three


Then the Heavenly Father sent a Special Angel to bring home a Special Child

Though the sun was shining it was dark and dreary at the graveside where Mama cried

Her heart was broken in a million pieces but she knew there'd be a Great Reunion Day

When she turned to leave she looked towards Heaven & it seemed she could almost hear him say...



Repeat Chorus



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