"Setting the Gospel to Music"







By Ray Lewis

          I always wanted to go to Rome...see the Coliseum and all the other sights. Even when I was in the Air Force stationed in England and some of us were asked to volunteer to go to Rome, I volunteered but still didn’t get to go.

          Finally, after all these years, the Lord let me go to Rome...Georgia! (Smile)

          Seriously, Laura and I were singing in a little Baptist church down there and they were having church! The best way to explain it is that.... it was one of those “run with us or get run over” type of services! After we’d finished singing, several things were happening at the same time...

          The altar was filled with folks praying through, the minister was pleading with more to come, a man was singing in the background accompanied by his guitar, and when the preacher was silent, someone would pop up and testify about what the Lord had done for them!

          One man got up four times in the space of ten minutes, he was so full of the joy of the Lord!

          But the most special thing that night was when a young lady popped up and stood on her tiptoes, raised her hands as she waved them in the air, shouted, “I’m a rubber-ball Christian!” Ignoring the chuckles, she continued, “When the old devil knocks me down, I just bounce back up again!"

          Man, what a message in that! You know, we'd better all be rubber-ball Christians, because on the journey of Life, the old devil makes it his priority to slam you to the ground a time or two. But we don't have to stay there, do we! We can do just like the young lady in Rome, Georgia and bounce back up!

          On the way home, I told Laura that if there ever was a line with a song in it, there had to be one in that statement that young lady made. And, there was...



Verse One


We all get bounced around

Traveling down the road of Life

So don't think it strange when everything

Goes wrong instead of right

The road we travel is straight and narrow...

But it ain't no Primrose Lane

There's big chug holes that'll jar your soul

And test your spiritual springs...





But, bounce back up like a rubber ball

When Life knocks you down

When you get hit don't faint or quit

And don't just roll around on the ground

Well, it don't take brilliance to see resilience

Is a necessary trait

Like it or not you're gonna bounce a lot

Between here & the Pearly Gates.



Verse Two


Now the Christian life is a pure delight

Full of joy & peace & hope

But don't be deceived old Satan got peeved

When he had to let you go

So don't be surprised when he connives

And tries to bring you down

He's always lurking where you ain't looking,

So you better stay ready to bounce!



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