"Setting the Gospel to Music"

Dear Pastor,

We would like to welcome you to this special Pastor's Page! Perhaps you're here because you've been contacted concerning Lewis & Lewis coming to your church, and you want to learn a little more about us. For that reason we have composed this letter...from our heart.

History: Ray gave his heart to the Lord at age thirteen, Laura at age seven. Ray was a pastor himself for several years. Both began singing while in their teens and have been writing songs since early adulthood.

Most pastors are concerned about what style of music we’ll be bringing to their congregations. We term our style ”Southern Gospel with a Country flavor”. (You'll find a link below that you can click on to hear a medley of songs, plus another link that will take you to a page where you can hear parts of many other songs we've written/recorded.)

We're proud to say that after a service or concert, both young and old alike shake our hands and tell us how much they enjoyed our music. What's great is that we can see in their eyes and hear in their voice, they're speaking from their hearts, not just giving lip-service.

Also, pastors want to know about what kind of finances are involved in bringing Lewis & Lewis to their church. We tell everybody the same thing; “A Love-Offering-And/Or-Honorarium-Just-Asking-The-Church-To-Do-The-Best-They-Can”.

Lewis & Lewis is a ministry...not a business. Therefore, we make no financial demands on churches where we are privileged to share our ministry. Although finances are essential, we try to never let them be the determining factor in scheduling our services.

Any church, regardless of size, can afford special services. Even if a church has little or no extra finances to support such an event, funds can be raised with creative events like spaghetti suppers, rummage sales, etc. These funds - along with a conscientious freewill offering will usually provide adequate compensation for the visiting ministry. We know that God is faithful and whatever you give, He will bless it.

If you browse through our website, you'll see Lewis & Lewis is a unique ministry. Since we write most of the songs we sing, we often share many of the stories that inspired them. These testimonies often are as great a source of blessing as the songs themselves.

Our music ministry is on a mission to bless, encourage and strengthen the church and to reach the lost with the message of salvation. We are a God-called ministry dedicated to an eternal purpose. Rather than just looking for a place to sing, we seek the opportunity to touch hearts and change lives with our testimonies and little “three-minute messages set to music”.

We promise you a music ministry that you can be proud to share with your congregation and your community. We will be respectful of your church traditions, doctrines and covenants. Although we have a home church in Nashville, TN, when we agree to come to your church, from the time we arrive until the time we leave...you are our pastor.

I hope we can look forward to the privilege of being a co-worker with you in your pastoral ministry.

Laboring together,

Ray & Laura Lewis

Ray & Laura Lewis

Lewis & Lewis


“…We Ain’t Got It”

For those of you who have never seen or heard Lewis & Lewis, a brief introduction, or “explanation” of our music ministry may be in order. We are singers/songwriters, so traditional we are now “cutting-edge”. Most folks today who think they don't like our style of music have never even heard our style of musicJ.

You see, we were raised in a different musical era...so please do not be offended as I impart a little musical history. When we grew up if your guitar sounded fuzzy or distorted, the problem was relatively easy to diagnose; your amplifier had a blown tube or a busted speaker or you had a problem with your guitar's electronics. Whatever the case, you got it fixed. You certainly did not go down to the music store and lay down cold hard cash to get a device that would cause rattle, distortion and eternal feed-backJ.

In bygone days, music had hummable (is that a word…If not, it is nowJ) melodies and understandable lyrics. Composers took great pride in writing songs that were simple yet profound. One songwriter even made the statement that to be a successful songwriter, it was necessary to write profundity with simplicity. Of course he made that statement years ago...before drums became the lead instrument in the band and the bass had to be heard at least ten blocks away...even farther on a clear dayJ and before simple melodies became practically non-existent. Once upon a time, lyrics told a story, usually in a couple of verses and a chorus. The average song was approximately three minutes long which meant there were no repetitious chants that went on and on and on. But I've interrupted the history lesson and started to editorialize...so I regress.

In this modern musical age of jumbled up noise, simple songs with scriptural messages have fallen on hard times. When the church trades songs like Amazing Grace, How Great Thou Art, and Have Thine Own Way Lord, for repetitious praise choruses, most of which seem sadly lacking in content and melody, I'm left scratching my head.

I understand the stated purpose for trashing the great old anthems of the church. It's to reach the younger generation. What I don't understand is how songs that mirror every doctrine of the Holy Bible, written by some of the greatest songwriters that ever lived, inspired by the indwelling Holy Spirit, can routinely be discarded like a sack of worthless trash, and totally replaced just to pacify a juvenile musical preference.

If your church has joined the wide acceptance of “praise choruses” and “contemporary” music, that’s certainly your choice. However, music ministries such as ours have run into an almost hostile resistance to “traditional” Gospel music, so Lewis & Lewis feel compelled to offer this disclaimer to the Church: If it has to be repeated over and over for you to get it, if you have to jump up and down to feel it, and if it has to be accompanied by pounding drums, fuzz-tone guitars and a bone-jarring bass in order to hold your spiritual attention...it's probably safe to say...we ain't got itJ.

But, on a positive note, if your soul can still identify with musical green pastures, still waters and a peaceful restoring of the soul...and if you're weary of “loud” being confused with “good” and if you're more into the message than the beat...we believe you'll be blessed, encouraged, and inspired by the music ministry of Lewis & Lewis. It comes packaged with simple melodies and understandable lyrics. Sadly, not too many folks can still process this kind of music...but if your church happens to be one of the few who can...let's get together!